Privacy and Data Protection

Protecting our privacy is a priority, with the regard to this small website, and with every project I participate. This page explains how the personal information I collect through this website ( will be treated. I am not a lawyer, thus I provide this information in a casual but accurate style.

Who I am

My name is Philipp Krüger, a Malta-based self-employed web developer and SEO consultant.

Information collected from website users

When you visit this website, your IP address will be logged by the webserver, paired with your computer’s requests and the webserver’s responses. While an IP address is considered personal data under the GDPR, I am not personally able to identify you. I keep logs with IP addresses for 14 days to identify technical issues with the website and and to identify and block illegitimate users such as spammers.

When you decide to send me a message through the contact form or an email, I will receive your email address, the name you provided, and any further information you chose to include in the message. I will keep this information while our conversation is active and alive, and for 1 month beyond that. This information will only be accessed by me, I will not share it with anybody else.

When you comment on a blog post, you will create an account. Your account will be connected with your username, your email address, and – if you choose to – a profile picture and/or your real name. This data will be stored while your account exists.

You can request to know which information I store at any given moment by sending an email to You can also ask me to delete all of the above data mentioned above and associated with you.

Information collected from clients and business partners

When providing paid work to you, I am legally required to issue an invoice and allowed to keep records of your name, your address, other contact information, your VAT number, and our contact history. Thus, if we worked together in one way or another, you cannot request me to delete any of the above data, as I am obliged to keep it. However, you can of course also ask me to disclose which data of your’s I have stored.

Data protection

I store all collected data on my personal, password protected, and secured computers. Emails are stored in my email provider’s european datacenter. Backups of your data may be stored encrypted and password protected in my cloud storage provider’s european datacenter.