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Did you find me by searching “SEO expert in Malta” on Google or a similar search engine? That’s no coincidence, but the result of conducting strategic search engine optimization for this page. Thus, take Google’s advice: This is just the right place when looking for an effective SEO expert and consultant in Malta. As web developer and SEO specialist, I am able to support you and your business to climb up the ranks on Google, Bing, and other search engines.

SEO for businesses in Malta

what is SEO?

SEO is short-hand for „Search Engine Optimization“, the craft of targeted improvement of a website to perform better on search engine result pages (SERPs). SEO is a distinct field within online marketing, and is sometimes considered to be the supreme discipline in search engine marketing (SEM). In contrast to paid search engine marketing, also called SEA, short-hand for search engine advertisement, SEO will help you to achieve constant, high visibility and thus receive more website visitors without paying for each and every click. SEO has the potential to produce remarkable results with a modest financial investment, and an impressive ROI (return on investment). If done right, your website will receive a long-lasting flow of visitors, based on a good, solid SEO foundation.


Having achieved first page or even TOP-3 ranks on Google, your website will bring you inquiries, orders, or contacts over and over again – all without paying for each and every click. Digital marketers call getting found through the “normal”, non-paid search results “organic”. Organic traffic through SEO is essential for a sustainable online presence. Local merchants, experts, businesses, and service providers, who want and need to be found can benefit tremendously through search engine optimization. While paid traffic definitely has its merits, I do recommend in almost every case, niche, and industry, to not neglect organic traffic and SEO. The last thing you want is to develop an addiction to paid ads to keep your business running.

What to consider when optimizing your website for Google

When talking SEO, keywords are often one of the first topics brought up. Website owners and those getting started with digital marketing most of times have heard about the importance of keywords, but sometimes there are still some misunderstandings, that lead to wrong decisions. So, to clear things up, let’s look at this page’s focus keyword as an example: “SEO expert in Malta“. This term describes very well what this page is about, it’s the central topic. However, simply picking a word or phrase that describes what I am doing can leave you with nothing to show for in terms of organic search traffic, leads, new clients, etc. It’s very central to keyword optimization to make sure, a keyword or phrase is actually being searched for by other people. Instead of my suggested keyword, they could be searching for “SEO consultant in Malta”, “SEO service in Malta”, “digital marketing malta”, or a lot of other phrases too.

Making educated decisions based on real-world search data for your industry or niche

Here, my favorite SEO suite Semrush was very helpful in showing me the real-world data, and thus helping me to make my decision. Among the SEO-focussed keywords, the one mentioning expert was the most searched for. “Digital marketing Malta” on the other hand was only searched significantly more often in combination with ICE, our renown, local ICT academy, meaning searchers were interested in taking classes on digital marketing. I was also happy to see, that the monthly search volume for “SEO agency in Malta” is around the same as “SEO expert…”, teaching me that companies in Malta are open to work with independent freelancers as myself, and not only interested in hiring a whole agency team, with all its pros and cons.

Keywords are an important and prominent element of SEO, from keyword research over mapping them to your pages, up to avoiding keyword cannibalization, but they might lead us to adopt a micro perspective, diving deep into details, before having a good macro understanding of what matters. This problem ca get aggravated when reading the opinions of different SEO consultants and self-proclaimed gurus. Some are talking about more than 500 relevant factors determining a site’s ranking. However, when piecing together Google guidelines and public statements of its staff, we can conclude that there are 7-8 things that absolutely matter:

  1. High-quality content,
  2. Mobile-first,
  3. Page experience,
  4. Page speed,
  5. On-page optimization,
  6. Internal links,
  7. External links,
  8. Local signals, if great rankings in local searches are what you are looking for.

Taking a moment to think about why these factors are considered essential, instead of seeing Google’s factors as obstacles, we can think of Google as free quality management. Each and every factor listed above contributes in one way or another to a better user experience. As SEO expert, I help your website to meet quality standards that are beneficial for everyone involved. Either by explaining to you in detail where short-comings are, or by taking the necessary steps to overcome them.

Achieving more visibility in search engines

Search engines work according to a simple principle: information or data is indexed and made available to the user, sorted by relevance. Google is the no. 1 search engine in in Europe, the United States, and beside few exceptions, most countries. Whether in Malta, Germany, Italy, the UK – everywhere people are using Google to find information, products, and services that they need. If you offer any of these, it’s highly important for you to show up on the first page for corresponding search queries – and preferably on position 1 to 3, that is, because only most users only visit the first few search results, until they have successfully found a page that answers their query.

As an SEO expert, I will ensure that your website becomes more visible and that you can be found more easily for relevant search terms. It is not unheard of that companies with top rankings on Google are literally overrun by customers, while similar companies in the same industry wonder why market demand has declined so much.

Continuous customer acquisition

More than 70% of all online activities start with a Google search. If you want to win customers online as an entrepreneur or a company, you cannot avoid the topic of “search engine optimization”. If your website has been optimized by an SEO expert, this contributes to a continuous stream of visitors, and thus potential new customers, who will become aware of your offer through their own search efforts.

Once you rank for high volume search terms, driven by the right search intent, as a solopreneur you can start decreasing your marketing efforts and acquisition cost per customer significantly. If you are business, you can either focus on growth, or on acquisition cost reduction as well.

As soon as you rank high on Google for your desired search term, for example “SEO Hamburg”, you will have to invest significantly less in sales and customer acquisition.

Often, the quality of a lead you have acquired from an organic search is better than from other channels. That’s because, on one hand, such leads are search engine users who have actively searched for information and have a higher purchase intention. In addition, only people who have already been well informed on your site come to you. Thus, in-person lead qualification time is often shorter.

That being said, it’s a good approach to not understand your SEO efforts as a cost, but as an investment in a long-term strategy for customer acquisition.

Better public perception

Optimizing your website for search engines is essentially making your potential customers’ visit to the website as pleasant and informative as possible. Best case: visitors find exactly what they are looking for. Serving content very close to search intent goes hand in hand with your efforts to make your website superior to your competitors’ in terms of appearance, content, language, structure and technology, all in order to be ahead of the competition in every way possible.

There is a reason that websites that with top rankings on Google enjoy a better overall great ratings by visitors. It’s basically baked into the ranking algorithm to reflect user satisfaction, because Google itself is taking part in a competition to serve the best website results to a given search query.

My areas of expertise as an SEO expert

SEO Analysis

Search engine optimization starts first of all with auditing a website’s foundation. In this phase, an SEO expert asks questions like these:

  • Who is the target audience?
  • What is their need?
  • What are the current Google rankings?
  • What is the competition currently doing better?
  • How strong is the domain’s authority?
  • What technical weaknesses need to be addressed?
  • What is content quality like?

These are just the most important questions – there are many more that I will answer for you. After the SEO audit has been completed, I will have a good understanding of exactly where to make adjustments to the website.

Keyword research and analysis

Following the SEO audit, as an SEO expert I will deep-dive into relevant search terms, our “keywords”. For this, I use various tools and databases, pair them with creativity to find untapped search terms, and finally select the most suitable ones. The search volume of a keyword is taken into account (how often is a keyword searched for per month?) as well as its competitive difficulty (how fiercly is the keyword contested?). Going after a highly competitive keyword when your own resources are limited and your site is new usually has very little chances of success. However, a smart and strategic SEO expert can still ensure strong visibility with a sophisticated keyword strategy and proven methods. By identifying, among other things, keywords that have a high search volume but have not yet been discovered by the competition, I can increase the number of visitors without having to use a lot of resources.
In this way, even smaller companies with small financial resources and time can benefit from SEO and compete with bigger players. Selection of keywords is extremely important, as it forms the basis for optimizing the structure and content of a website.

Onpage SEO: Content SEO Optimization

Probably you have already noticed it subliminally: This website was also SEO-optimized, namely for the search term “SEO expert Malta”. The placement of keywords within a text is very important and for Google’s algorithm an indication of what this website is about. But caution is advised, because the mere stringing together of keywords does not automatically ensure good rankings. If a text is linguistically weak and offers no added value to the reader, Google will identify this, simply based on user experience data. A good SEO expert must therefore also be a creative SEO copywriter in order to properly deliver your message to real people.

Onpage SEO: Technical SEO optimization

The indexability of a website plays a major role in search engine optimization. The goal of technical SEO optimization is therefore to ensure that Google’s crawlers can easily read the content of a website. The Google algorithm is a software that is fed with data, processes it, and then makes it available to the user, sorted by quality.
If you do not provide your content to Google’s crawlers in a technically optimized way, you risk that information is understood only to a limited extent and, accordingly, is only insufficiently considered. A good SEO expert optimizes the source code of a website and structures the existing content in a way that is understandable for the Google algorithm. If title and description are provided in the source code, Google can recognize much easier what a web page is about. Over the years, ways have been developed to provide structured data to Google, Not only the technical implementation is crucial, but also the placement of the respective keyword, for example in the title and meta description. The interplay of technology and marketing or language often makes it difficult for many website operators to perform SEO successfully.

Onpage SEO: Structural SEO Optimization

Another important aspect of search engine optimization can be found in the website architecture, referring to the order and hierarchical structure of the content. An SEO expert must think analytically and be able to structure and arrange content in a user-friendly way.
Google – as advanced as the search engine and its algorithm are – needs a structure to be able to weight and understand content. This is more important today than ever before, because people are increasingly searching using natural language, including voice search. This means that more and more users ask Google questions directly and expect appropriate answers. That’s why an SEO expert must not only think technically, but also have a good feeling for semantics and customer language.

Offpage SEO: Improving the domain authority

Ever since Google search was established, the authority of a domain, i.e. its “good reputation”, has played a central role. The decisive factor here is how many and, above all, which websites set a backlink to one’s own website. One could therefore say that backlinks are a recommendation to Google that a page is relevant. Websites with a lot of links from established, trustworthy websites pointing to themselves have a high authority and enjoy priority over websites with less links, and earn a higher rank.
In the past, it was possible to create backlinks indiscriminately, or in some cases even buy them, in order to improve one’s own ranking and manipulate Google results. This is still possible, but nowadays Google as advanced enough to identify and disregard most of these bought links. A good SEO expert must therefore ensure that links are created in a natural way, and that the backlink profile is clean and well mixed.

SEO monitoring: continuous analysis

Comprehensive SEO monitoring is crucial to reap the benefits of search engine optimization in the long run. While it’s possible to do SEO once and achieve some sort of basic optimization, you run the risk of losing your ranking to the competition over time. Your SEO expert should continuously monitor your ranking, keep an eye on the performance of your website and give you recommendations for action as soon as negative developments are on the horizon. Part of this would be rank tracking, meaning continuous check which page (URL) ranks on which position for which keyword and how this ranking changes over time.
We should continuously identify optimization potential and be proactive. A good SEO expert provides you with a valuable system, that lets you keep an eye on the most important SEO KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and measure the success of your search engine optimization.

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