WordPress Developer in Malta

If you are looking for a WordPress programmer for your next WordPress project, you have come to the right place. As a longtime WordPress expert in Malta, specialized in website development and WordPress SEO, I would like to show you how I can help with your WordPress-based project.

Why WordPress?

Anyone dealing with the topics of “websites” and “web development” can not get around WordPress. As the time of writing, WordPress powers 43% of all websites, almost two thirds of all websites that run on a CMS framework. The secret of WordPress’ success is simple: It is easy to use, and content can be changed quickly and easily without any programming knowledge. Originally meant as a blogging platform, WordPress has gone a long way, now featuring a vivid ecosystem of plugins and themes, and able to power websites, eCommerce, social media platforms, and a lot more. WordPress’ ease of use and its success are at the same time a curse in a way. Many problems seem incredibly easy to solve, simply by picking a plugin. Website owners are often enticed to add functionality or design patterns that seem nice to have, but are completely unnecessary or even counter-productive. And while the core development team responsible for the bare-bone WordPress code base is very rigorous when it comes to testing and security, the same cannot be said about every plugin developer. Especially popular plugins with a lot of users receive special attention from mal-intended actors, trying to find security flaws. Having seen my fair share of WordPress websites, security is often a heavily neglected aspect – neglected by the website administrator that is. Combining a wide array of publicly available plugins that bring not only the desired functionality, but a lot of unnecessary elements too, leads to slowish, hard to maintain websites, with plenty of potential for security holes. These aspects have somewhat tainted WordPress’ reputation as being slow and insecure for no fault of its own.

Why choosing a good WordPress developer is important

Improper WordPress setup and development can have other serious consequences that often don’t become apparent until the next update or when implementing new plugins and functions. You might face:
  • Bugs, e.g. broken links and pages, PHP errors, unexpected events
  • Design and Layout problems, e.g. broken layout, responsive design faulty on some devices, incoherent font-sizes
  • Slow page load due to plugins or short-sighted code implementation
  • Security holes e.g. upload of malware and viruses, unauthorized content changes, etc.
All these issues would quickly affect your website performance. Users will quickly turn away from a broken or slow website, security holes can lead to data theft or a vandalized website, and broken links annoy users and Google alike. Having eight years of experience in digital marketing, overlapping with five years of hands-on website development, I am confident to a) build WordPress websites that are unaffected from such problems, and b) fix WordPress websites that currently suffer from them.

Malta-based WordPress developer with tailor-made service

In principle you can bring me in at any stage of your project. If a website for you or your organization is currently just a mere idea, I can assist in planning functions, features and – most importantly – help you on focusing on user experience from the get-go. Running a couple of websites by myself, I have also solid knowledge with regard to hosting, setting up and optimizing web servers based on the LAMP or LEMP stacks. If your website is up and running and you’d like some input on how to extend it, improve WordPress loading speed, or fix that bug that showed up overnight, we can work on the basis of mini projects with no string attached. If on the other hand you’d like to have a strong and reliable business relation that covers maintenance, development and support, that’s not a problem either. Coming originally from a digital marketing background, I can also get your website up to SEO standards, attract more traffic, improve conversion rates, and help you to generate more income from your WordPress-based online presence. If you are also based in Malta, we can also see whether meetings or work in your premises would have positive results on your WordPress project.

What hiring me as your WordPress developer looks like

If we are working together on more than a mini-project for bug fixing or small design changes, the typical road map for a co-operation looks like this:
I. Analysis If you want to build or relaunch a WordPress website, or are interested in technical SEO optimization, I will take a good look at your expectations, the competition, and the peculiarities of your industry. I will need to recognize and understand related problems and their cause, to create the most suitable solution. If it’s an existing website that needs changes, I will have to analyze your existing foundation, from theme over plugins, to make sure changes will not negatively affect your website.
II. Planning With the analysis done, it’s time to plan and become creative. How to get your website visitors to take the actions you want? The more information you can provide me as your WordPress developer, the better I can empathize with your business and your audience. Depending on the effort involved, tasks may need to be distributed to a team of specialists on your site, or possibly another external consultant if it’s not within my competence.
III. Development Based on our plan, it’s time for some hand-on WordPress development. Be it an existing theme that we work with and adjust to fit your needs 100%, or if the best path is to create a custom theme, I’ll get started. All development happens on a staging server to make sure your current website is unaffected from the development work. I’ll keep you updated about the progress and will actively seek your feedback and input where necessary. Everything will be tested thoroughly and signed off by you before it will be transferred to your live website.
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